Always spay or neuter your animals ... bring down the pet population!!

When looking for a dog or a cat PLEASE adopt from a Rescue or your local Humane Society.

Help stop animal abuse and put puppy mills out of business!!!

And please take the time to sign animal rescue petitions.

They do make a difference!!      

Isla animals is  a Mexican puppy rescue on Isla Mujueres just off the coast of Cancun. Alison Sawyer has dedicated her life to saving over 5000 puppies since starting this wonderful rescue. Her mission is to educate the people and spay or neuter as many street dogs and owned dogs as she can find on the island. She works with a team of dedicated vets and volunteers relies  on donations from the public which go 100% to the rescue and care of these puppies. The pups are then adopted out in the U.S. and Canada. A worthwhile organization to support.     

'For the Love of Grace' Trap/Neuter/Release Program

A compassionate group who works out of Windsor Ontario rescuing, homing and spaying/neutering feral and stray cats. If you are looking for a companion cat or kitten check out their site on Facebook.