"A very enjoyable book, beautifully illustrated, a must read for all animal lovers who have been touched by the loyal love of a dog, if your life and heart has never been loved by dog, there is a part of your soul missing one of God's nicest gift to us..."

Linda L. Jackson

Manuscript review .


The physical details in this book are fantastically written and give readers a plethora of sensory cues to imagine. Helps readers really stay absorbed and connect with the content."



One day you will see your pets again so know in your heart that they are waiting for you in heaven.


A book that will delight your heart, leave you with a feeling of hope and instill in you a desire to do all you can to ensure you'll see your pets again.


Join Pal and her animal and human friends as they explore their new home in heaven.

What to Expect

Pal in 1966, my childhood companion who now is in heaven.

Pal with Malcolm our sweet cat who was her buddy.

Keeping an eye on her territory...a bird's eye view!


About the Book

      Pal is a dog who has just discovered that she has entered the eternal realm and she is utterly amazed at what she is beholding as she sees heaven for the first time. She expresses her amazement throughout this fun narrative describing awesome places that we one day will be able to share with her.

     Join Pal as she meets old friends, walks down streets that are gold, climbs huge mountains that emanate spicy aromas, and dives off colorful waterfalls.Discover the supernatural marvels of heaven as she finds out just how immense and fun it is in her new home.

    Open your heart and your mind as you follow Pal on adventures you could only dream of in a world far more interesting than you can imagine.

    Filled with fun, faith and freedom, this is a book for anyone who shares in God's love for the wonderful animals He gives us as companions. Find rest, peace and encouragement in the very real future that awaits every believer- one that includes your beloved pets.

JoAnne Callaway has been a Christian for 36 years and desires to share the love of God with as many people as she meets. Having had many experiences over the years being touched by The Father's Love, JoAnne wants everyone to know just how much God loves you too and His Presence is available to anyone who desires Him. He cares for each of us equally and wants us to know Him personally and will readily make Himself available to anyone who asks.

      Being an avid animal lover all of her life, particularly fond of dogs, JoAnne felt it was very important to give all of us hope that  one day, after death, we would be reunited with our beloved pets once again. God absolutely does bring our pets to heaven because we love them and we have the hope that never ceases; that we will spend our eternal life together with loved ones and our pets in our home called heaven.

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