Kat Kerr today bringing heaven to earth in the power of God's love.

  1. Kty bringing heaven to earth in the power of God's love

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Kat Kerr

 Author of 'Revealing Heaven

What will heaven look like to you?

Heaven  is a real place and far more exciting than any of us have possibly ever imagined. Our finite thoughts have kept us imprisoned in a mindset that refuses  to allow us to believe more than what we can see in the physical realm. But God had another idea and created a place so amazing and so much greater and more fun than we even dare to imagine and He wants us to know about our incredible home.

     We are living in a new age now, The Kingdom Age, which is the last age before the return of Christ on the earth. During this time, perhaps a little over 200 years according to God's calender, He is, and will continue to show more of Himself and that wonderful home we call heaven. His desire is for us to finally understand and have revelation of the joy of really knowing fully the heart of our Heavenly Father and the good plans that He has for us, His children.

     God loves us so much and He wants us to understand His love. The fact that even our pets are in heaven is proof of just howmuch He cares about His creation and how well He understands our desires and needs.

      In 2012 I met a wonderful woman, Kat Kerr, who God is using as a  fore-running Revelator in this day and hour. Kat has been taken up to heaven in her spirit by the Lord for 22 years now and given first hand revelation of just what heaven is like. She has also been given understanding of the times we are in and where we on earth are headed in the future. She has written two books so far, at the request of the Father, and is presently writing a third. You can check her out on YouTube.

     At the left, is Kat as she shows her first book 'Revealing Heaven'. Her second book is called 'Revealing Heaven II'. Kat presently is traveling throughout the US., Canada and Europe bringing the message of hope and love that God has given her concerning heaven .She is also involved with 'Heavenly Cruises' where you can go on a 'Revelation Cruise' where she is the key speaker. Check it out at http://heavenlycruises.com/upcoming-cruises/kat-kerr-british-isles-cruise-2019.html . Well worth the trip!! 

    My life has been totally changed since hearing these awesome messages and the Lord inspired me to write my book based on Kat's journeys to heaven. I never would have thought to write this book myself and I know God wants our hearts to be touched by  His love for us even concerning our pets.

     I hope that all of you who read the information on this website will open your hearts to receive the love that God wants you to know too. He desires that all of us come to know Him and the eternal home He has created which is  heaven. He loves you no matter what, and He wants to live with you forever in that wonderful place made specially for you.


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